Hybrid is the Future

There are a variety of different businesses and hosting needs that exists, and we admit there isn’t just one particular server configuration that will suit everyone’s needs best. With that mentality and our wide array of products, we’ve started thinking ahead at what’s possible and what would suit client needs best.

Customize Hybrid Solutions Easily

At Stallion Internet we believe Hybrid Solutions are the future of IaaS providers. In the past we were able to configure solutions with the dedicated options provided to us, but now with Private and Public Cloud options at our fingertips, we’re able to craft and customize the best solution for just about any client

Let’s say you have a substantially large database, but need lots of CPU and RAM to make your website run as quickly as possible. You could put the back end on a dedicated server, and let the Public Cloud run the front end of your website with ease. We could even help you create a cluster of servers for your own reselling needs. The possibilities are endless, and our trained staff members and large datacenter staff are available to help you with your ideal solution.

Uniquely Tailored Options

Stallion Internet offers a full range of Infrastructure products and you can use any number and combination of them in your Hybrid solution.

What Makes a Dynamic Servervenn-diagram-2

Dynamic Servers combine the Flexibility of cloud computing with the Dedicated hardware & horsepower of traditional dedicated servers.

It offers the best features from both technologies, blended to create a powerful and new type of server... the Dynamic Server. One feature of a Dynamic Server is engrained virtualization from deployment, bringing the ability to create Virtual Machines, and to scale up or down, all while using private resources on dedicated hardware.



Fully Virtualized, Fully Dedicateddynamic diagram-1

While a Dynamic Server typically only hosts one website or application, it can be virtualized and become a host to numerous smaller “virtual machines.” Each virtual machine believes that it is an actual physical server.


An Extremely Flexible Environmentdynamic diagram-2

With the virtualization of a SingleHop Dynamic Server, resources (such as CPU cycles, memory and storage) are allocated to virtual machines and can be adjusted at anytime inside of LEAP. This enables real time resource balancing using award-winning LEAP Client Portal or the SingleHop API.

Private Cloud Hosting vs. Public Cloud Hosting: A tale of two Clouds.

Stallion Internet offers two types of Cloud Computing. The first, known as the Stallion Internet Public Cloud, offers a wide range of cloud server hosting resources that can be scaled instantly in a shared, multi-tenant environment. The second, known as Private Cloud, allows you to build custom, private Cloud servers that only your organization can access. Both computing services offer unique advantages.

Building a Private Cloud out of dedicated cloud server resources offers the ability to scale up and down. However, the range is limited to the cloud server hosting resources allocated to that particular Private Cloud. You may quickly allocate new cloud server hosting resources to enable further scaling by physically upgrading the dedicated server hardware that powers the Private Cloud Servers.

Hybrid Infrastructure: One size does not fit all.

At Stallion Internet, we understand that a one-size-fits-all mentality does not apply in the cloud hosting world, and we recommend using both Private and Public Cloud hosting resources in designing your own business’s infrastructure. By leveraging the advantages of both types of platforms, you can create extremely robust configurations that strike an ideal balance between resources and costs.



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