For several years we have been working with Kathy, the developer of EZ Realty for Joomla!.

We have enjoyed working with Kathy over the years, but due to some recent health issues that Kathy has been dealing with, she has "dropped off the face of the earth", so to speak. Emails are going unanswered, and clients are getting frustrated.

Due to the need to provide quality software to our clients, we have found it necessary to fork Kathy's project and implement several of the changes that we have needed done over the past several months.

Very shortly, we are going to be posting a link to an issue tracker, where you can post known issues, as well as feature requests.

Once our first version is complete, we will be releasing it to the Joomla! community. At this point, we haven't decided on a support subscription, and whether the software itself will be free or donation based.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

RETS Real Estate Sites

If you're still using IDX you need to know there are big changes coming to IDX that will affect your current site. Be proactive and make the switch to RETS now! RETS is the recommended way to receive MLS data.

RETS - A Better Choice

RETS is becoming a commonplace acronym in the real estate industry. It stands for Real Estate Transaction Standard. And as you may already know, RETS feeds are the more modern and timely data feed, versus the dated IDX feed. RETS brings the data into your site and makes it a part of it, whereas IDX feeds simply frame in someone else's site. This makes a RETS feed the much more search engine friendly version. We're also able to update a site more often with a RETS feed over an IDX feed. This gives your clients more timely data and makes you look more professional and on top of the market.

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Incorporating MLS listing data on a real estate agent's website can be fairly complicated, or it can be simple, depending on the process that's chosen, ie. IDX, RETS, framed, direct import, etc. Before we get into that, a brief vocabulary lesson is in order to understand the various terms and processes. Don't worry: We're leaving out as much of the tech speak as we can.

First, let's define some of the relevant terms:

IDX (Internet Data Exchange) – This refers to the data exchange between an MLS board's database and a realtor's website. Sometimes, IDX is used to refer to a specific method of data exchange, most of which are outlined below. IDX has to do with public MLS search, and is viewed as a form of advertising. The listings that are displayed here are only those allowed by other participants, but almost always includes the vast majority of the MLS database.

RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) – RETS is used to give brokers, agents and third parties access to listing and transaction data. MLS's nationwide are moving to adopt RETS as the industry standard because it drastically simplifies the process of getting listing data from an MLS to an agent's site. Key benefits include customization of how the listing data is displayed, fresh listing data (updated as often as every hour), and content added to the site (SEO – search engine optimization). The one main drawback is that the data feed is impossible to use by itself. That's where our software comes into play. It takes the data from RETS, and converts that data into readable content for your website.


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We have several different plans for individuals, teams, and brokerage offices to meet a variety of needs and budgets.We have several different plans for individuals, teams, and brokerage offices to meet a variety of needs and budgets.


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