Search Engine Optimization Services.

Initial Actions: Performed by EMR Web Services during first 30 days of initiation of SEO Service Agreement

Perform Computerized Site Analysis:

Review Site on page by page basis to established standards of SEO.
Rates site on scale of 1 to 100 and points out areas needing improvement provides specific recommendations for changes to improve SEO Rating.

Key Word Count
Descriptive Sentences Word Counts
Usage of Key Words in text, titles, and headers
Text word counts and grammar usage
Analyze Search Terms for usage and relevancy to Web Site.
Provide Alternative Search Terms when appropriate.
Monthly Services included in SEO Service agreement:

  • Web Site Traffic Review
  • Page by Page SEO Review
  • Add site to additional directories
  • Edit Text to improve page SEO and Customer Activity
  • Check internal site navigation
  • Provide report of incoming link sources
  • Update promotional pages as needed
  • Competitive Site Review Reports Check SEO ratings, use of key words, analyze weaknesses and strong points. Check Competitor Search Term Page Placement. Provide side by side comparison reports between customer web site and competitor. (1 new site each month)
  • Provide Results report on changes incorporated during prior month.
  • Search for Relevant Topic Blogs, E-Mail them site information to encourage inbound links

We relay on Software Technology to collect data and statistics for analysis. All Market Analysis Reports are written by John Sweeney. Computerized Statistical Data Analytics are not a substitute for his 35 years experience in Sales, Marketing, and Executive Management. Access to this personnel knowledge and intuition is an exclusive feature and benefit provided by EMR Web Services.

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