Base Price $600
Addons to Base Price
Pages (1st included) (Client Supplied) $75 
Responsive Design Included 
Photo Gallery Included 
Adding Images $2 per image 
Blog  $50
Online Store (first 15 products included)  $750 
Adding Products 

$2.50 each 

Social Network  $300 plus $10 per month
Custom Forms  $100 per form 
Contact Form  Included 
Sitemap Submission $25
Automatic "meta"  $50 
Newsletter Software  $15 per month 
Animation Effects in Layout  $400 
Other Needed Features  Contact Us 
Monthly (includes hosting and maintenance_  $49.95/Month 

Are you tired of your stale, static website, that takes hours to make changes?

Changing of a menu item that can take hours due to the menu needing to be changed on numerous pages?

Changing the look on your website which can take days?

Wait no longer. With the Obsidian Moon Creation Corporate Website solution you can have your changes made within minutes, not hours.

  • Professionally Designed Website
  • Fully Integrated Download Center
  • Modern, state of the art corporate shopping cart
  • Integrated Video Center, with a layout similar to YouTube
  • Integrated Corporate Newsletters
  • Custom Forms
  • Professional Calendar, with the ability to charge for events
  • Professional HelpDesk and knowledgebase
  • Corporate Directory
  • Integrated Webinar Software
  • Integrated Video Chat
  • Replicated Websites
  • Access Control System (Restrict Access To Various Area)
  • ...much more

Sample Images Coming Soon.

Responsive Layout

Lumiere's responsive grid system is designed for desktop, tablet and smartphone systems, each with minor modifications to ensure compatibility in each mode.

The table below shows the breakdown of screen resolutions and associated devices, and which layout characters are then applied to each.

LabelDescriptionLayout WidthColumn Width
Smartphones Standard smartphones 480px and below 100% fluid
Smartphones to Tablets Larger smartphones and small tablets 767px and below 100% fluid
Tablets Larger tablets 768px and above 64px
Desktop Standard desktops and laptops 960px and above 80px
Large Display Large desktops and high-resolution laptops 1200px and above 100px


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The ability to change your website content on the fly is important to attract and retain your web audience.

The people who use your site are the people who you should be listening to when it comes to deciding how your website works and what it looks like. Successfully marketing your website venture means you need to pay attention to how your target audience thinks, what they want and what they like. By using our content management system you can adapt and tailor your content so that is fits your customers , on the fly. We can give you the tools to quickly adapt your site to market trends, latest releases, new products or industry news without the need of any third party.

Most Wanted Web Design began in 1998 offering our design services to various non-profit organizations. For those non-profit organizations we would design their site and host them on our personal hosting space at no charge. It was in November 2008, when one of the founders entered a premiere art gallery in Spokane Washington, that the business expanded. The owner of the gallery, was extremely frustrated. She had hired a company to develop an eCommerce site. The site was built using Joomla! 1.0 and VirtueMart. She received the site but was unhappy about areas that wouldn't work, or every thought and idea that she wanted was told was not possible. One day she would spend hours adding product to her site, then come in the next day and find everything gone. When the developer was asked about it, he said he didn't like how she added the products, so deleted them. Conversation ensued, and we found that most of what she wanted was built right into the software she already had. The Heart of Spokane retained our services and we shifted from being a non-profit 'hobby' to commercial web development. In December 2008 we published her new site, upgrading the software from Joomla! 1.0 to Joomla! 1.5. Later we migrated the store to Joomla! 2.5.

Having worked in the industry and seeing the flaws from within, the people in our company are passionate about giving you value for money and if that means telling you that you're going down the wrong path, then so be it.

We aren't going to sell you a flashy animated intro if it serves you or your product/service no purpose. Honesty is our best policy and this goes through all our processes, from the moment we have initial contact, through to completion and delivery.

Most Wanted Web Design is geared towards providing the highest standards of design at affordable prices and technical excellence that delivers high performance products.

Installing a CMS is quick and easy for us and that is why we do so for every project we undertake. It actually saves us time, giving us the ability to quickly add the features outlined below and to quickly build the site content and navigation. Our job is often just a case of carrying through the design to the various modules, components and templates.

We have particular experience building sites with Joomla!. The choice is never complicated, it boils down to whether you require a CMS for a large company, in which case you may need an enterprise level solution or whether you need something smaller, with a less technical interface, such as Joomla!. Or a system such as Moodle, to power a learning gateway or course management system for students and educators. We can help you decide on the exact active directory tools to help you run your site.

CMS Advantages and Features

All Standard Features are included in all our projects.

Advantages of an Obsidian Moon Creations CMS
  • Tried and tested, bug-free and secure
  • Full featured
  • Massively extensible
  • Portable between developers
  • Huge online communities
  • Ability to power huge sites or small brochure ones
  • Natively Mobile
Standard Frontend Features
  • Site search
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • User registration and regitered user only content
  • Content pagination
  • Email cloaking
  • Lightbox image and video popups
  • Latest news module
  • RSS feeds
  • RSS article syndication
  • Single A, double AA, or triple AAA accessibility
  • Descriptive search-engine-friendly URLs
  • Cross-browser compatibility
Standard Backend Features
  • Secure login
  • Extensible
  • WYSIWYG article editor
  • Menu manager
  • Media manager
  • Meta data management
  • Template manager
  • User manager
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Module manager
Advanced Features
  • Tabbed content
  • Sliding content
  • Dynamic sitemap
  • Advanced form creator
  • Google maps
  • Full featured blog component
  • Wordpress integration
  • Integration with social networking sites
  • Full featured ecommerce functionality
  • Various frontpage slideshow plugins
  • Various gallery plugins
  • Dynamic AJAX site search
  • JavaScript dynamic chat modules
  • Multilingual


We are a professional, well established, full range web development, web design and web hosting agency, based United States.