Signs of an Amateur Web Designer

Signs of an Amateur Web Designer
I hate to keep writing about WordPress, but with it being so prevalent in the world today it makes for a prime topic. It really surprises me the number of people that call themselves “Web Design Professionals,” when there is a lot more to being a web design professional than simply adding some text, and putting in some pictures. Having worked in the web design industry since the early 2000s, there are a lot of things that you learn that are dos and don’ts, but I routinely see the don’ts in a large portion of WordPress websites. I’m becoming a firm believer that Web Design Professionals are misrepresenting themselves, and are in fact little more than someone who installed WordPress, added some graphics and text, and said “wow, look I made a website. I can do this professionally.” This would be like a 15-year-old getting his driver’s permit and telling...
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