Joomla! Extension Building Options

Joomla! Extension Building Options
Recently we took on the task of continuing, and expanding, a popular Joomla! extension. Little did we realize the complexity of undertaking such an endeavor. It has been a lot of work, especially coming from the design side of Joomla! websites, and rapidly needing to shift in the role of developer. Add to that, every developer has their own "style" in their coding. In my reading on development, there was a lot of information, out on the web, that there were, as it was put, lots of redundant, but necessary files that needed to be created for MVC extensions. The project was looking daunting, but we stayed the course. Thankfully, there are numerous services and components available to assist in the creation of components for Joomla!. A few of these are Component Creator and Cook Self Service for online subscription based services, and jDeveloper, EasyCreator, Component Architect, and Advanced Component...
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