CMS Review

CMS Review
I would like to take a few moments to put out this brief comparison review. I still come across people who say they've tried Joomla! and it was too confusing for them. When pressed on when they tested Joomla!, it was back in the early days, back with Joomla! 1.0 in 2005/2006. How can you actually make an honest opinion on something you checked out 10 years ago, but haven’t touched since? Joomla! is completely Open Source software, from the beginning to the last piece of code. Joomla! has 7,825 (50% or so commercial) extensions which are actively maintained. All extensions on the Joomla! Extensions Directory are Open Source, otherwise they don’t get listed. A common thing that will be seen with other reviews is that WordPress has over 45,000 plugins, compared to the 7,800 for Joomla!, so the reviewers will claim that that shows Joomla! is "dying," which is...
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