Business Name Change

Business Name Change

Stallion Online Services is now Most Wanted Web Services, Inc.

Over the past year the owners of Stallion Online Services had been periodically evaluating our existing business name, and whether or not it actually identified with what we offer. In the end we determined, along with input from several clients and non-clients, that Stallion Online Services did not identify with what we offered. So began the search for a business name that would better identify with what we do.

In December 2015, talks began with Charlotte Snyder, in Helena Montana, converning our taking over the design, hosting, and technical work of her existing clients, so she could focus solely on sales. After further talks it was decided that Stallion Online Services would file the required paperwork with the necessary State, Local, and Federal agencies for a new corporation that would combine the clients, sales, and technical support of both companies. All new clients will be added to the Most Wanted Web Services family.

Under this new business structure, Steven Voorhees would handle the overall vision and direction of the company, as well as being chiefly in charge of technology and technical issues, as CEO and Chief Technology Officer. Jennifer Voorhees will be the head of design, and maintaining company minutes of corporate meetings, as secretary and Chief Design Officer. Kathy Voorhees would take over the position of treasures/Chief Financial Officer. Our newest addition, Charlotte Snyder, will fill the roll of Chief Marketing Officer, overseeing all sales and marketing initiatives.

Most Wanted Web Services is also doing business as Most Wanted Web Hosting, Most Wanted Real Estate Sites, Most Wanted Web Design, Most Wanted Real Esate (our Real Estate website listing software design for Property Managers, Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and full Agencies), and iPALS our RETS to Real Estate processing software.

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