sos logo squareAt Stallion Online Services, we do things different. We've had experience with many of the large hosting providers, and whether it was poor technical support, outdated server software, dishonest/misleading information/promotions, etc. we switched companies over the years, until we had enough and started our own hosting business. At Stallion Online Services, we keep our servers updated with current releases of PHP and MySQL, currently PHP 5.3.16, and MySQL 5.5. Besides our knowledable staff, we're backed by the support team at one of the best data centers in the world, and who is a Fortune 500 company.

Don't get pulled into servers with outdated software, poor support, misleading information/promotions, and more. Switch to Stallion Online Services today. Why wait?


We are a professional, well established, full range web development, web design and web hosting agency, based United States.